January 3, 2010

Steve's Birthday Extravaganza Part I

Wow - where did the time go? Between Steve's Birthday, Christmas, and New Years I am behind on my blogging! This is me playing catch-up.
We made Steve's Birthday a multi-day celebration, starting out with dinner at the Brewhouse on Thursday (his actual B-day). It was pretty low-key, with just Tara, Steve's brother Petey and his wife Susannah, and a couple of Steve's friends Dave and Dana. We ended the night playing pool at this bar/bowling alley right by my house called "The Other Place"...it was interesting. Definitely not super high class, but hey - the beer is like $1.00 and they have indoor bathrooms. What more could you ask for? Because I didn't want to risk getting them in trouble with the help department, I won't post any pics. Here are some from the Brewha though!

The Birthday boy!

Dave and Dana

Tara and I

Steve and Susannah (things were getting a little squirrely at this point. Is that how you spell squirrel-y?)

"The Crew" sans Susannah

Petey and I...he looks scared. He should be. 
Anyway, we had a really good time...I mean, a really good time. Steve and I had to get up in the morning to go to Michigan for part II of his Birthday extravaganza, and it was a pretty rough morning. But we survived. Continued in Part II...

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