January 13, 2010

Definitely Not a Disappointment

So...Tara and I made that Ice Cream Pie last night. It was delicious and wonderful. We followed the recipe pretty much exactly, except that instead of Butter Brickle, we used Peanut Butter Brickle (is there even a difference?). We were not disappointed. Then I put a piece in the freezer for Steve and brought the rest of the pie to work and made the office eat it for breakfast. Dammit - if I am getting fat, they are going down with me! I managed to only have one small sliver before pawning it off on everyone else...hee hee hee...

I also made this pasta.

It was really good - I struggled a bit with the fact that it didn't have a tomato base...because I love tomatoes and I very rarely have pasta without a tomato based sauce. The red peppers were very different, but turned out well. I am glad that I branched out enough to make this.

I had never roasted red peppers before (I usually just buy the ones in the jar...shhhh, don't tell Martha), but I figured that with a sauce who's main ingredient is roasted red peppers, I had better use the real thing. I don't have a gas range (and my grill is ass-deep in snow), so I had to use the broiler which worked just fine. I also made a few other adjustments such as using half-n-half instead of heavy cream (to make my tummy happy), and instead of parsley I used basil. Just because I felt like it. I don't really think that parlsey has a good enough flavor to carry the weight of being the ONLY herb in this dish. I think the basil was a great addition. Also, I couldn't find orrecchiette pasta, so I just used penne. I almost felt like I could have added some spice to this...like either a dash or two of Pizza and Pasta magic, or even a little cheyenne pepper...something to think about for next time...

Try this if you feel like a yummy, simple pasta sauce that is different from your run-of-the-mill tomato sauce.

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