January 25, 2010

Cross your fingers

Steve had his first (post-chemo) CT scan this morning. Now that he is done with his treatments, he has to be "under surveillance" for the next five years. Even though it sounds like he is being watched by the FBI, CIA, TNT, AMA, LOL, or some other top secret organization, it really just means that they (the doctors/nurses/hospital staff) are going to proactively keep an eye on his body to make sure if the cancer comes back, they catch it PRONTO. He has to go get checked every 3 months for the next 3 years, and then every 6 month for 2 years after that. Fun, huh?

Please keep your fingers crossed that when we get the scans back on Friday (and every time after that), they come back clean and he stays cancer free! Thanks for all of your thoughts, prayers, texts, emails, phone calls, hugs, encouragement, distractions, positive words, positive thinking, hand holding and general support through this whole thing...from both of us!

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