January 11, 2010

Steve (and random thoughts)

Hello! I have had a lot of people email/call/text to see how Steve was doing so I thought I'd post a little update (not that I mind the calling/texting/emailing - keep em coming!). For anyone who doesn't already know, Steve had his final mega-round of chemotherapy (by mega I mean double what people normally get) last week on Tuesday. This time it took him longer to really feel the effects of the infusion...he was still feeling pretty good until Friday. After that it seemed to hit him pretty hard, but this time doesn't seem as bad a last round...maybe just because we knew what to expect? Or because he knows that he doesn't have to do it again? Or maybe it is just taking longer to hit him, and the worst is still to come? I'm not sure, but his attitude was more positive this time and that helps A LOT. That is the good news. The bad news is that last night he started coughing and this morning he woke up with a cold. Normally I wouldn't think this was a very big deal, but I'm not sure if his body is capable of fighting off any type of infection right now, so I am worrying about it. If he doesn't start to feel better soon I am going to make him call his doctor. I'll keep you posted, thank you for all of your care and concern!
Love you!
PS - Go Vikings!
PPS - In addition to giving me bags of frozen garden tomatoes, my brother also gave me a package of venison stew meat. I have been going back and forth on how to use it. The last few years the venison from our shack has been phenomenal. Super tender and not game-y at all. For those of you who are non-venison eaters...I could literally convince you that you were eating a tender and delicious cut of beef instead of deer. You would never know. Anyway, I was thinking I could use the tomatoes and the venison and make homemade spaghetti sauce...or I could use the tomatoes for sauce for chicken parmigiana, and use the venison for homemade chili. Any suggestions???

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