June 3, 2010

Grilled Corn on the Cob...and randoms.

Neglect. That is what I have been bestowing on you all week. Not because I don't love you, but because Steph and Chad came home last weekend and killed a majority of my braincells. We'll talk more about it later, but because of them I have not been able to stay on task for more than a few minutes at a time. I have not even been able to stay focused long enough to upload the pictures off of my camera. Boy, did we have fun! And I'm still recovering.

Besides my whirlwind weekend of eating, drinking, talking, and staying up late; this week has been crazy busy - at work and my life in general. I am very much looking forward to the weekend.

Either way, I have lots of posts for you: Memorial weekend posts, garden posts, food posts.  I am trying to eat/make at least one vegetarian dinner each week, and at least one fish/seafood dinner each week. Mostly because it's healthy, but also because I like to mix things up.

What was I suppose to be talking about again?


Corn. That's right.

This is such a simple thing! (Which is why I wanted to post it today...I might actually get it right.) I used to think cooking corn on the grill had to be a complicated process...pull the husk back, pick all the silk off, replace the husk, tie with kitchen string, etc., etc., etc.. I avoided, figuring if I was going to have to go through all of that, I might as well just boil it in water.

Steve has opened my eyes to my ignorance. Corn on the grill is not only easy, but it is also delicious. Better, crisper, tastier, and yummier (is that a word?) than boiling it in water. It's a must try...especially since it's GRILLING SEASON!!! (Ok, I'm calm now. Sorry for the outburst.)

Grilled Corn on the Cob:
 You will need:
 However many ears of corn you want to cook. Plus some water. And a grill. Amen.

Plop the ears of corn (completely intact - with husks and silk and all) in a pot of cool water. Forget about them. No really - go about your business. We have let them soak for 20 minutes and we have let them soak for 4 hours. No difference. Just make sure it's at least 20 (minutes, not hours). When you are ready for them, throw them on the grill. Turn occasionally. Cook until the husks are dried out. And that's all folks.

Seriously - the kernels get like steam-cooked inside the husks with a very subtle grill flavor...plus, if you keep them in the husks until you are ready to eat them, they will stay warm for quite a while. So you can do the corn first and then cook your burgers, brats, steak, etc. Also, the silk comes off super easy when done this way. Steve is very manly and tough so he holds the corn cob with his bare hand and pulls the husk off, but I am girly and weak (with sensitive hands!). If you are like me, use a kitchen towel to hold the bottom of the cob while you pull off the husks. The silk comes right with it!

Try it. Soon. And be amazed. And humbled.

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