June 30, 2010

Garden Update (Post II)

Finally, some sunshine! (No...I don't mean Steve...although he makes my garden grow too, if you know what I mean :) wink, wink)

My plants are doing good - with the exception of my lettuce. It never came up. At all. Not even one piece. Now, I don't claim to be a professional gardener or anything, but really? I've grown lettuce before. It is one of the easiest things to grow. And the weather has been cool with plenty of moisture...what the hell? I must have got a bad batch of seeds. Yup, that is what happened...it's not my fault at all.

Anyway, here is how my garden is growing...

...actually, this is how my garden was growing as of a couple weeks ago. I am behind on garden posts...

Beans! Green beans, with an "early girl" tomato plant growing in the background!

And again...

My tiny, precious, baby basil plants. I know - they are so small. They will grow big and strong though...hopefully soon. I am starting to worry. I have planted basil from seed before, but only in pots...I will cry and suck my thumb and beg for my mommy if these babies don't make it.

Roma tomato...aka "happiness in a square cage"...

Corn! Oh, I hope that this corn grows...I love corn on the cob! I have heard people say that it is hard to grown corn on the cob in this climate (frozen tundra of MN), because the growing season is too short. I am hopeful though.

Yes, peas! Pretty little buggers! I need to get some lattice or something in soon for my peas and beans to climb. And yes, that is my sprinkler sitting on top of an overturned pot in the background. Steve wants to mount the sprinkler on the top of the fence, but for now, this will have to do. Remember how long I told you it took him to "perfect" the fence? Yeah, I think I'll just make do.

Speaking of the fence...do you want to see what he did? I took some pictures, but it is hard to see because the mesh of the fence is so fine. Basically he hung sheets of deer fence from the top frame, and he weighted the bottom of the sheets with a piece of wood that fits neatly into brackets mounted on the side of the garden...does that make sense? Here are some pics:

See the board on top? That is what I do when I need to get into the garden to weed, harvest, etc. I lift the fence up and rest the weighted board on the top frame. Then, when I am done, I replace the board into the brackets at the bottom, and then critters can't get in. Here is a close up of the brackets...

See how the boards fit tightly and neatly in there? And those are my carrots coming up in the corner there...right next to my onions and in front of my peppers. In case you were wondering. That's all for now folks! Thanks again to Steve for my totally rad garden (and fence)!

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