May 27, 2010

Cabin Comfort

I should probably warn you that this is a pretty sappy post...void of my usual wit and satire (stop laughing, you know you think I'm funny). For whatever reason, I am feeling happy, content and grateful for all of the blessings in my life. Don't panic, I'm sure it will pass. Either way, enjoy this "feel good" post! And have a lovely day!

Here in Minnesota, this spring has been phenomenal. Sunny and warm, with temperatures that we usually don't see until mid-June (or some years, mid-August). I have been taking full advantage of the weather by spending the last two weekends with my parents up at our cabin. The cabin is my happy place. My parent's have moved a couple of times since I left home after high school, and even though I love their beautiful new home that they just isn't home to me. Not like the cabin is, anyhow. Even though we have fun together wherever we are, being at the cabin makes it even better.

So - the last couple of weekends have been filled with sun, fishing, saunas, cooking, eating, drinking, and bonfires. I brought Steve with last weekend, and we celebrated (belatedly) my mom's 50th birthday with a surprise party at my aunt and uncle's cabin (which is just one island away). Are you dying for the pictures? Here you go!

At the party:

Here is my dad, practicing his surprise face. And the birthday girl, sporting her new bling (in a threatening way that says she might use it as a weapon at any time).

Brenda and Rick

Logan...resting from all the festivities...

Gale, Tim, Kirk and Steve...solving the world's problems

Mark and Gale

Steve. Still smiling despite being subjected to the Rainy Lake crew. I think it's good for him!

It was a great party and we all had a really good time. My mom was surprised and happy. What a great crew! I wish I would have taken more pictures (somehow Georgia and Marva managed to stay out of all the pictures - I'll get you both next time!), but Steve did take some video. Brenda wrote a "song" for my mom about turning 50 and performed it for her - it was super cute and funny. Steve got the whole thing on video. I haven't had a chance to watch them yet, but if anyone would like to see them, I could post them on YouTube.

Here are some fishing pics from the rest of the weekend (and a couple from the weekend before):

My mom, reeling in a fish

My dad, ready to "help"

Kempton...being extraordinarily helpful. He likes to get in the water and try to "catch" the fish as they are being reeled in.

Nice fish Dad!

My dad and I were out in the boat fishing, and we came across a turtle sunning itself on a rock.

Steve's catch (with Kempton's assistance, of course).


A bass and a walleye that got tangled and my mom reeled them both in a the same time!

Way to go!

I think my plan worked to get Steve fired up about fishing...he was having a great time.

And finally, to celebrate the fruits of our labor...a fresh fish fry. I love this picture because it is a common sight in the summer months to see my dad standing over a pan of hot oil, frying fish for friends, family, or whoever happens to be close by. Thanks Mom and Dad for building something that we can all enjoy year after year! It is so much more than a beautiful log is where our hearts are home.

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