February 25, 2010

Valentine's Day

Did I ever tell you what Steve got me for Valentine's Day? He took me on a trip to Kansas City to see my Stephanie. Because I am an evil genius, I decided to make it a surprise. I emailed Steph's boyfriend Chad, and we planned and plotted and I swore him to secrecy (upon penalty of death, of course). Then, I made up a story to Steph about how her birthday present was going to be late...and a couple days before we left, I told her that I tracked the present and that it should be arriving on Friday (the day that Steve and I were arriving...genius, right?). Unfortunately, Stephanie and I have the ability to read each-others minds, and she had a "feeling" that I was coming, so she really wasn't as surprised as she should have been. But it was a genius plot nonetheless, and she was still very happy to see us!

Then, it was Chad's turn to be sneaky...as his Valentine's day gift to Steph (and Steve and I too - thanks Chad!), he booked us a ride on a Cinderella carriage through The Plaza...and bought Steph and I each a dozen roses. How sweet is that? Here are some pics from our fairy tale ride:

Here is us, in the carriage, holding our flowers...

Steph and Chad. *SIGH* I miss and love them very much.

Steve and I. Notice my red nose. Unfortunately, I woke up Friday with that terrible cold I had all week last week, so I was sick and lame while I was there. I tried to be a rockstar though.

This was what our carriage looked like...nevermind that it's a blurry picture - it's the only one that I have of it all lit up. Gorgeous! 
Even though I was sick and lame, it was so very good to see Steph and Chad. I would like to take this moment to give thanks for the sweet and thoughtful men in our lives, without whom this trip would never have been possible. I miss you Steph! I hope I can see you again soon! xoxo

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