February 23, 2010

Two Things.

Ok three. Because you know I just can't help including that randomness at the end. Anyway:
  1.  13 days until I leave for vacation blissdom. Starting to get super excited! Unfortunately, losing 10 pounds before I go is probably not going to happen, because I was too sick to exercise for a week, but evidently not too sick to eat. FAIL.
  2. 9 days since I've smoked a cigarette. 7 for Steve. NINE DAYS PEOPLE!!! And it is starting to get (slightly) easier. And I haven't even replaced smoking with food (with the exception of one day when I ate an entire pizza by myself. See comment #1. ), sunflower seeds, toxic gum, patches, or anything else unhealthy. Unless you consider bitching unhealthy. Say a prayer for Steve, now known as "The Luckiest Man Alive". Hee hee hee. 
  3. Random: Have I mentioned before how much I love the golf course that is by my house? In the winter time, there is never anyone there. I don't understand it - I see snowshoe tracks and cross country ski tracks, but I never ever see anyone else. The below pics (are crappy because I took them on my phone) are from Sunday. Kempton and I went for a hike, and it was so beautiful out that after hiking for about 40 minutes, we sat down under a tree in the sunshine and just soaked it up. It was lovely.
Just miles of gently rolling hills and trees. And with that peaceful thought, I leave you. For now. 

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