October 11, 2010

Tara's Going Away Party, Part I

Good afternoon!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday.

Steve and I got home from a visit to Kansas City late last night, so I am tired today.

However, the Vikings play Monday night football tonight, so it'll be no rest for the weary.

I can feel your pity for me.

I'll get those pictures uploaded and posted just as soon as possible.

In the meantime....

As I think I've mentioned in previous posts, my friend Tara recently moved to Los Angeles, and I have been waiting to do a post about her going away party until I get pictures from our canoe trip.

However, the pictures must be unflattering, illegal, highly inappropriate, or top-secret classified because I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to acquire them.

So - I have decided to just post the ones that I have...hence the "Part I" in the title of this post. If I do have the fortune of obtaining said photos at a later date, I will construct a "Part II"...until then...

The first event of the going away party/weekend was a ladies night dinner at Marisa's house. We had sushi and copious amounts of wine. It was delightful.

Here is the group...minus Marisa, who was taking the picture...Tanya, Gina, Lindsey (me), Tara, Katie and Erin.

Mmmmmm, sushi!

A familiar site...Tara with her camera

Erin and Katie, enjoying the edamame

Tara enjoyed the edamame too!


Time to open presents! This is a life jacket for your wine bottle...you know, just in case.


We had a great time with lots of drinking and bonding. Thanks Marisa for letting us use your house and thanks Tara for buying the sushi!

For the second leg of our party weekend extravaganza, we got up in the morning and met at the Delta Diner, in Iron River, WI. The diner is a restored Silk City Diner and the food is amazing.

The ladies outside the diner...from left to right: Tanya, Tara, me, Marisa, Erin.

After breakfast...Eli, Tayna, Tara (showing off her full stomach), Marisa and Steve.

Tara getting a wet willy from Eli while I'm chewing on a toothpick. As a side note, my head looks huge in this picture.

Miss you Tara!!!

After we left the diner, we headed to the outfitter to pick up our canoes...

.................to be continued (hopefully).......................................

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