October 27, 2010

Oh The Weather Outside is Frightful...

This photo was taken last Friday...as in, 5 days ago. 

Steve and I took the afternoon off (well, he took the afternoon off...I don't work on Fridays), and we took the boat out. 

The weather was perfect: 65 degrees, not a cloud in the sky...the water was like glass. 

We floated around on Lake Superior for a while, and then pulled up at the end of Park Point and walked on the beach, barefoot in the warm sand. 

It was fantastic.

And it made me feel lucky, and blessed, and happy to live in such a beautiful place.

And then this is what I woke up to today: 

This is the shot from my patio door, looking at the southeast corner of my deck. 

5 days later. 

Yes, that is 3 inches of SNOW covering my grill and patio furniture. 

Yes, I did wear winter boats, a winter jacket, and mittens to work today.

Yes, it is only October 27th. 

Yes, on top of a winter storm, we also had a wind advisory and a flood advisory last night.

Yes, I do love living in this frozen tundra from hell beautiful, diverse climate. 

Yes, I did make chicken stock last night, in preparation for the large batch of chicken noodle soup that I am making tonight. 

Send wine.

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