October 6, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday Lyndi and Tara!

I realized in the shower this morning that didn't do blog posts for two of my favorite ladies on their birthday!

I'm sorry ladies!

It's not like I wasn't thinking of you!

I am a bad friend.

Forgive me?

Tara Lana and Lyndi,

I miss you both like crazy. I wish I would have been there to celebrate your birthdays with you! I hope that this year is the best yet for both of you - you both deserve it!

That's Lyndi on the left, with her friend Alex. I don't have very many of my picture with me at work, so I didn't have one of the two of us together. Lyndi is getting married to my brother next summer, and I am very lucky that she is going to be my sister! Love you Lyndi!

Tara and I at her going away party (which I haven't posted pics from because I don't have all of them...maybe I'll just post what I have...), she recently moved to LA and I miss her very much. In case you are wondering, she has a piece of edamame in her mouth. Love you Tara Lana! Wish you were here!

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