July 13, 2010


Here are some pictures of the kids at the beach last weekend. As soon as the camera came out, Katy (Katie - but right now she wants her name spelt K-a-t-y) was all over it. She was making us all pose for her and do funny things for the camera. The good news is that we actually got some really cute pictures...they are beautiful children. Andy is the only one who got Steve's green eyes, but they all have his super long dark eyelashes and olive skin. Enjoy:

Andy. 7 years old and already a total smart ass, just like his dad (hee hee hee). He is lucky he is so damn cute!

Katy. 9 years old and an excellent helper (and planner!). She is hauling firewood for our fire.

Chris. 12 years old and funny, laid back and sensitive. He told Steve last week that I was "way out of his league". It cracked me up.

I wanted to get a nice photo of Steve and the kids, but we just had my point and shoot, so this was as good as a totally un-gifted amateur photographer can do. Pretty cute though, aren't they all?

And me...as Katy was posing me. This was a series of shots were Andy was also posing with me, but he got bored of it and left to go tend the fire before we got a good one.

Me and Katy. She asked Steve on the way home if I could come and sleep over. The next night at Steve's parent's house she asked me stay over again. I think she wants a slumber party...not sure how the boys feel about that yet though...although Chris was making up songs about "Steve and Lindsey kissin' in a tree..." and then it went on to say something about Lindsey suddenly having three children that don't look like her...what a clown! I told you he was funny - some of the things that come out of those kids' mouths...highly entertaining.

Chris dancing and showing off his Justin Bieber hair.

Andy, all snuggled up in some towels.

Katy and Tick.

And after a long photoshoot of Steve and I posing for Katy in funny (and unflattering) positions, one of Steve, Andy and I. Then Steve made her put the camera away so we could all relax and enjoy the rest of our evening.

I have to say that with the kids it's been so far, so good. They seem to genuinely like me and I really like them too. Andy seems a little confused and he gets really clingy to his dad when Steve and I are close to each other. I think part of that may be that he just doesn't get to see his dad as much as he would like. But when Steve asks them how they feel about me, they all say good things. So really, I couldn't expect things to go any better than they have. Fingers crossed that we will continue to make progress!

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