July 15, 2010

Garden Update, III

I am just a blogging fool this week, aren't I? This one will be short and sweet, and then I will leave you alone...probably until Monday or Tuesday. I just wanted to give you an update on how the gardening is going...without posting too many terrible iPhone pics. Once again, my apologies on the grainy pics!

This is the Italian Grilling Pepper plant that my dad gave me...it has one pepper on it, yay! None of my other pepper plants have peppers yet.

My "Early Girl" tomato plant...it is huge! Like 3 feet high. No tomatoes on any of my plants yet, just flowers.

Oh - my poor little basil. Will it ever get big? I hope so...

Corn! It seems to be growing pretty well...however, something is eating some of the leaves off of certain plants. Bug? Squirrel? I have a fence, but there is a gap between the bottom of the fencing and the landscaping logs...little bugga!

In other garden news...my green beans are doing very well. They are thick and tall and climbing on everything. My peas seem to be doing good, but they are much fewer than the beans (unfortunate, because I prefer peas). My carrots are growing and one tiny little romaine heart poked through the soil. Steve's mom gave me more lettuce seeds to plant, but I haven't planted them yet. I guess I am afraid to fail. Again. My onions are going crazy. Hopefully I will get some better pictures soon! Stay tuned!!!

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