July 12, 2010

Date Night

Summer is flying by, isn't it? It always seems like winter drags on and on forever, but if you blink, summer is half over. The past week in Duluth has been absolutely gorgeous. Warm, sunny, but not too windy (which, if you live on a great lake, you know is a miracle in itself)...exactly the way that I like it.

Steve has been able to be with his kids a lot more since school has been out, which is a very good thing. However, because we are easing them into our relationship (aka no sleepovers - although Katy did ask me if I would sleep over last weekend...which I politely refused, using Kempton as my out), we haven't had much for alone time. Thursday night was the first of 2 days in an 8 day period that we had "Steve and Lindsey" time, so we had a date night.

No dinner and a movie for this crew. Nope, Steve doesn't do anything half way.

He picked me up from work at 4:30pm with the boat full of gas and loaded up on the trailer; cooler packed with all of my favorite picnic foods (fresh mozzarella cheese, fire roasted tomato triscuits, kalamata olives, shrimp cocktail, mixed nuts, red grapes, thai peanut salad with chicken from the deli); 2 bottles of my favorite wine on ice; a bag packed with my swimsuit, as well as warm clothes for when the sun went down; and of course Kempton. Have I mentioned that this man is perfect for me?

We cruised around in the boat for a while, enjoying the sunshine; then we pulled up on a deserted beach and started a drift wood fire. We returned to the boat to watch the sun set, and then went back to the beach to rebuild our fire and snuggle in until about 3am. It was lovely.

Like usual, I didn't have my camera with...but I did take a few pictures with my iPhone. Bear with me, I realize that the picture quality isn't the greatest (but then again, with my photography skills, when are the pictures ever great???):

Lighthouse at the end (or beginning) of the Superior entry to Lake Superior...

Hello, handsome! He makes my heart pound...

Driftwood fire on the beach...

Kempton - pooped out from swimming and walking along the beach...

Lake Superior sunset...

Does it get any more romantic than that? In fact, we had so much fun out there that the following night we brought the kids to the same spot had another fire. This time we had much less wine, no gourmet food (just cold sandwiches and potato salad), and less romance...but it was a ton of fun regardless! I actually remembered to bring my camera for that one, so I will post pictures shortly.

Thank you Steve, for going out of your way to make me feel important and loved...even when I know that you have a million other things on your mind, and more to do than humanly possible. You are my sunshine.

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