November 23, 2009

Um...Yes Please

DISCLAIMER: If you are a heterosexual male, don't even bother reading this post. Just close the window now.

I was going to post about how delicious our food was when Steve and I went to the Scenic Cafe on Friday night (Fondue and Sea Scallops, yummy!), and about how much fun we had making Christmas cookies at his parents house on Saturday (his family is so sweet). But then I came across this picture...

And it just didn't seem right to post the grainy, shadowy pics I took with my iPhone of the rest of the weekend. Gina and I went and saw New Moon on Saturday  night, and I'm not even kidding you - the first time that Jacob Black took off his shirt, there was a gasp and all of the women in the theater started to giggle. It was ridiculous. And totally awesome.

1 comment:

  1. dude, where do i find one of those? jacob is way hotter than edward. WAY hotter.