November 17, 2009

First Things First

Ok, here we go. So - I am blogging now. You can blame The Pioneer Woman. And Gina :)
They made me do it. Forced me. 
Anyway, the bottom line is that I am blogging, so I hope that whoever (if anyone) decides to read my blog will 1) get to know me a little better 2) have a laugh every once in a while (or a cry - tears are good sometimes!) and 3) will get to stay updated on my crazy, dysfunctional life.
And I hope that it will be fun and therapeutic for me too. But remember, you are reading my diary (of sorts), so please don't get offended or frustrated. In fact, those of you who get offended easily should probably just stop reading right now. Close this window. Because I like to swear (it's how I express myself sometimes!). And drink wine. And probably do a lot of other offensive things (like use incorrect grammar and double negatives). But if you have a thick skin and a good sense of humor - by all means, let me be your cheap entertainment! YAY! 
Oh, and bear with  me - I am not super tech savvy, so things might get dicey.

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