August 2, 2010

Monday Monday

Here is a Monday afternoon list for you! Because lists make me happy (and only Stephanie knows why)...

1. Thanks for all of the super sweet emails, texts and comments that you guys sent after my super heavy post last week. I could feel the love and it was (as always) much appreciated! I am grateful and proud to have such wonderful people in my life.

2. There was some uproar about being called "Groupies"...for whatever reason, some of you don't like to be referred to as some sort of screaming young girl that breaks into tears whenever I come around.........

.......I can't figure out why............

..........but my uncle Joey had a great idea! He said that ya'll should be called "Droogies", like from A Clockwork Orange. Have you even seen A Clockwork Orange? I did, many years ago...I remember it being really weird (um, hello Stanley Kubrick), but really enjoying it. I should probably watch it again. Or better yet - read the book by Anthony Burgess.

Anyway! I looked on Urban Dictionary for some definitions of the work Droogie, and I thought I'd better share a few with you...I thought they were pretty funny...but maybe I should give up on the whole nickname thing and just call you guys "Dudes" and gals "Betties" (and yes Eli - Steve would totally rather have a sweet nickname like Iron Man or Super Stud, but that wouldn't be nearly as funny as Mr. Sunshine...or would it?). Anyway, back to the Droogie definitions (keep in mind, this could be you):

  • playful term to describe your significant other or even a hobby. usually used to describe something you really really really (you can see where i'm goin' with this) like. succinctly stated, your fix. abbreviation: droog
  • In reference to droog. A term first dubbed in the book A Clockwork Orange. It describes an ultraviolent gang member. It's time for a little ultra violence, droogies!
  •  a drunken boogie when on a good night out!
    woman: hmmmmm dancey dancey, i'm drunken
    woman 2: woooo let's droogie!
     For the record, I like the last description the best...but what do you think? Droogies better or worse than Groupies???

3. Steve and I went camping up in Voyageurs National Park last was beautiful and peaceful and relaxing (except for the violent thunder and lightening storm on Saturday night), I will post pictures later.

4. I tried making that delicious Spicy Shredded Chicken again, but this time in a crock-pot. With a pork roast. To use on tacos. The result? Not nearly as good as the chicken. I had to use way more Bloody Mary mix, way more seasonings, and it still wasn't the same. It was good, mind you, and very easy (I didn't even brown it, I just threw all of the ingredients in and left it overnight)...but not as delicious (or as spicy) as the chicken. I will continue to tweak. Is it sad that I could eat that yummy chicken every week? I am already plotting a Fiesta so I can make copious amounts of it and feed it to someone else (I need guinea pigs!).

5. I made a delicious, light lemon and basil pasta with chicken (similar to a recipe that I saw on The Pioneer Woman website but without the cream and with additions of asparagus and some white wine), it was yummy but I didn't get a chance to take pictures because we were trying to get ready for camping so we didn't eat until 11 o'clock at night. I haven't decided if I should post the recipe without pics, or if I should wait until I make it again and take pictures. Decisions, decisions!

6. Steve's mom is dropping off more fresh basil and a couple of big zucchini from her garden, so expect some recipes with one or both of those things in the near future!

7. I am going out for a drink and dinner with a couple of friends tonight...cucumber press here I come!!!

8. Have a fantastic evening and week......until we meet again, Droogies! (I had to try it out.)



  1. yea droogies sounds good nothing like a little of
    the ultraviolent at times

  2. #2 droogies gets my vote.
    #4 i want to be a guinea pig.
    #7 delicious and fun.