April 7, 2010

This is what I want to eat

Evidently, April is National Grilled Cheese Month. So of course, I want grilled cheese and tomato soup. Heuvos rancheros. Guacamole. Fresh salsa (or pico de gallo). Pizza. Sun-dried tomato pasta salad.

But instead, I am having hamburgers. With pepperjack cheese. And pickles. On the grill. Yum...now that sounds good too.  I love burgers on the grill with pepperjack cheese and pickles. I usually form my burger patties and then marinade them in Worcestershire, soy sauce, and a little sprinkling of seasoning salt (pick your poison). Sometimes, my dad will put bbq sauce on the burgers right before he lays the cheese on (at the end of cooking)...that is also delicious. So is adding a splash of red wine to the marinade. Tonight, I might add a little hot sauce (because I am feeling...saucy. ha!).

In case you can't tell...I am hungry. I'll keep you posted on what I make this week. Of course, when I bought groceries on Monday, I bought none of the above (except the burgers). At some point, I do need to make my recipe for crock pot beef, because I have some veggies that I chopped up and froze in beef broth that I need to use up...so I think I'll make some vegetable beef soup with barley. I am starting to panic that soup season is coming to an end...I need to make soup a few more times before I am ready for summer!

The other thing that I am going to try to work on, is to make some new recipes that I've never posted about before. I have found that I cook a lot of the same food (and of course, both Steve and I have our favorites), so I need to try some new things instead of posting links to the same recipes over and over. Ok, I must go find something to eat right now before I chew my arm off. Thanks for letting me spew randomness at you. Goodbye for now!

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