April 17, 2010

Shack Pics

A few weeks ago (ok, it may have been more like a month), Steve and I went up to the hunting shack for the weekend. My dad met us there on Friday, and then on Saturday, my mom and my nephew Sam came up. The weather was a little chilly but it was so nice to be up there...it is so peaceful! We took saunas and hiked and went four-wheeling and spent some quality time with Sam. I was pretty sporadic about my picture taking, but I think I got a few good ones (Cal: mom has more pics - I took a bunch with her camera too):
Saturday night, Sam and I went down to the edge of the ridge to watch the sun set. It was beautiful...
How cute is he? I can't believe how big he is getting. He is 5 years old (almost 6) and he looks like he could be 9. He can read anything that you put in front of him (I am not exaggerating) and was showing off his mad skills at math with Steve:
Steve has a math app on his iPhone that his youngest son plays so he can practice his math skills. Sam willingly traded his Uno cards for the game, and really liked it.
Here he is thinking hard about the answer (and maybe looking to Grandma Patty for help???)
Cheese! He did really good and got most of the questions right on his own! Kempton hates math. He just went to sleep.

On Sunday, while everyone was trying to get things packed up and ready to go, Sam fell asleep waiting for his 6 wheeler ride...it was pretty much the cutest thing I'd ever seen, especially with Grandpa's blaze orange hat on:
(ignore my shadow in that one)
It was so good to see him, and we had a really nice, very relaxing weekend. Mom - if you want to email me some of your pictures, I will post them here so everyone can see them.


  1. Its about time!! Thanks, the pics are great. Sooooo jealous I wasn't there. Keep up the good work and remember: "Upon us all, a little rain must fall". Keep your head up and your stick on the ice.