March 1, 2010


And finally, the post you have all been waiting for (except those of you who have weak stomachs or the people who *GASP* think that raw fish is people may want to skip this post)...a new sushi bar opened in town, and I was just dying to try it out. So I did. Twice. And it was delicious! Do you like sushi? If you haven't tried it, you should. If you are afraid of the raw fish, start with some vegetable rolls, or rolls with cooked fish/shrimp in them. Learn how to use chopsticks (it is easy and it makes it way more fun, in my opinion), and then go for it. Contrary to what some people think, raw fish is not fishy smelling or tasting (at least not the fresh, high grade stuff used in the food at Hanabi and most Japanese restaurants. They are able to get fresh, high quality raw fish that was never frozen several times a week). It is actually very mild and it just melts in your mouth. Wash it down with some sake.

Here are some pics from the first trip to Hanabi (I forgot my camera when we went last week if you can believe it!):

Yum - I can't remember the names of all three of these rolls...I just remember that the middle one was the one that I ordered...a North Shore roll, which has raw salmon and avocado inside, plus seaweed salad on top and 5 different kinds of roe (fish eggs). It was really good - a dish put together especially for this region. The roll on the right has mango draped over the top, and the one on the left has tempura shrimp in it...that is all I can remember! Marisa, Tara - do you remember?
Here is another look. I think the one topped with mango also has crab in it...
This is probably the reason that I don't remember:
Sake! Yum. I mostly just like the tiny wooden cups they serve it in. Here is a look at our table before our food came:
The second time we went (again, I apologize for lack of pictures), I got the spicy maki combo which consisted of a spicy tuna roll, a spicy salmon roll, and a california roll. Steve (who was unable to eat raw ingredients due to his compromised immune system the first time we went), went all out on the raw fish this time and ordered a sushi combo which was 3 pieces each of tuna, salmon, and yellowtail each draped over a small ball of rice. It was all very good. The only thing that we have noticed/disliked is that the things that are labeled "spicy" or "hot", are not really that spicy. Or not spicy at all. They must be afraid that this far north we can't handle the heat...I think the next time we will ask for them to lay it on us! I'll let you know how that goes...

Another note (or 6) on Hanabi: the bartender is funny and really, really good. Bring your sense of humor and sit at the bar for a drink before you dine. The atmosphere is refreshing and very hip (even though using the word "hip", is probably not very hip!), and they not only offer traditional Japanese dishes, but also very creative, surprising combinations. They have different specials all the time in addition to their regular menu, or you could sit at the chef's table and have him decide what he wants you to eat. Very cool. I would post a link to their website, but it has not been working today. I'll keep you posted. Also - if you decide to go, make reservations! Especially if you have a large group. They always seem to be pretty busy - I hope (for their sake) it stays that way!


  1. Ok so the last pix of the sushi from left to right...drum roll please...Mango Roll, Northshore Roll, Phoenix Roll. The special that they had last week was a Devil Roll. I hope they add that to the menu. Yum. Now I am hungry.

  2. Mmmm... Devil Roll... that rocked.