March 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Marisa!

Yesterday was my friend Marisa's 32nd Birthday! We celebrated on Thursday night by ordering out Thai Food and drinking to much wine (surprise!). Then she proceeded to go to the cities to continue the celebration with a spa day, and (I'm sure) too much wine. Hee hee hee!

Marisa and I met back in 2007 when she hired me for an internship in Human Resources during my last year of my undergrad. She managed to keep me on long after my 3 months were up and we became fast friends. We have been through a lot together in the past few years, and have had lots of fun too! Too much fun! Fun that involves snort laughing and inappropriate behavior and other things that I will not mention on this blog to protect both of our dignities!

Marisa - thank you for always being there for me with a glass of wine and sympathy. I hope 32 is your best year ever! LOVE YOU!
PS - sorry about the pic...I was looking on your facebook for pictures and I was having a hard time uploading any of them. This was the only one that would work...but it is definitely one of my favorite pics of you!

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