March 22, 2010

Monday Update

Happy Monday everyone!

I posted a recipe for a superfast chicken noodle soup earlier, because I thought it was revolutionary (who, me? overreact? never.), and because I am trying to stall you. Steve and his evil Macintosh are still holding the Florida pictures hostage. Which might be a good thing because they are just going to make you wish that you were someplace warm and tropical, with the sound of the ocean lulling you to sleep every night. But I am going to torture you with them anyway (eventually), because if I stop interjecting random tidbits every so often, this is going to turn into a full fledged cooking blog. And that, my friends, is not my intention.

As a side note: stayed tuned for an upcoming blog feature - "I Can't Stop Cooking and Eating Italian Food". Starring me. And my ass. Ha!

Anyway, since I need to bore you on the mundane details of my boring life - here goes:

Um, ok. Besides cooking all weekend, I also attended a meditation workshop at the yoga studio that I have been attending classes at. It was taught by the woman who runs the studio, and she was a gem. Upbeat and super nice and very educated on her topic...and as I was trying to explain to Steve last night, she just seemed to exude a certain grace. Or maybe it was peace. I'm not sure, but either way - I want to be like her. Because I'm pretty sure that if I exude anything, grace and peace are certainly not on the list. But either way, it was a really helpful workshop that answered a lot questions that I had, and that I believe this will help me in making meditation a part of my daily routine. Bring on the inner peace already.

What else?

Oh - remember this post where I told you about the self-help book I was reading? Yeah...I'm still trying to struggle through it. I re-read the Twilight series as a distraction and now I am back, trying to push through - mostly just because I told you that I would. I read about a dozen pages this weekend, and I get the message: Stop constantly trying to change yourself to fit everyone else's expectations...Look at yourself with patience and compassion...Stop focusing on the negatives...etc; but the book is a little repetitive and I am anxious to get it over with so that I can move on to the book of Cheri Huber's that I really want to read, "Making a Change for Good" a guide to compassionate self-discipline. Because: did I tell you that after quitting for 3 weeks I was naughty on vacation and started smoking again? Yes, I did. Crap.

I am kind of at a loss for anything else exciting (I use this term loosely) going on in my is Monday, after all. So I'll keep you posted on the Florida pics, all the Italian food, and the creepy self help books. Have a great week!

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