June 1, 2012

Step 4: Pouring Concrete Into The Walls

And here we are pouring concrete into the basement walls. By 'we' I mean Steve and his dad and one of his brothers, along with a few of his friends. I am the head supervisor. My job duties include making sure there is cold beer and delicious man-food available when they are done working. I also excel in staying the hell out of the way. Though this is going to change, because I got promoted! Steve is insisting that he is putting me to work this weekend (real work). Like I haven't been working hard enough! Ha! Check out the setup that we having going on to get the concrete into the walls. I had to take several pictures just to capture the whole scene! The concrete truck dumps fresh concrete into a fun little cup, then the cup rides up to the top of a track-thingy, where it is dumped onto a conveyor belt type doohickey, and the after a ride on the conveyor belt it plops into a sleeve and is funneled down the sleeve and into the wall! It's all very technical.

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