September 13, 2010

Happy Monday!

I can say that because my week is short this week...

My work week ends on Wednesday at noon!


Even though I won't be saying whoo hoo when I get my paycheck in two weeks.

But I just can't be sad about that right now.

I had a fabulous weekend and this is the face I wake up to every morning....

You totally thought I was going to post a picture of Steve, didn't you?



Kempton is my best boy...

...but I guess he comes in at a close second...

Not bad, eh?

And the best part?

They fight over who gets to sleep next to me.

It's always nice to feel wanted.

Although they both snore very, very loud...

But I think Kempton sheds a wee bit more. 

Stay tuned for a delicious recipe to use up some of your garden tomatoes and basil!

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