November 4, 2012

Step #10: Soffit and Fascia

I'm not going to apologize for taking so long to post, because saying SORRY implies that I won't do it again...and I just can't promise that. I know that it's been a while. Bear with me, please.

The next step after roofing was to put up Fascia (the black stuff on the "faces" or edges of the roof), and then Soffit (we chose to do pine tongue and groove). The soffit project introduced me to my first taste of staining. Keep in mind that this is absolutely nothing like what you go through when you stain windows or trim. This is more of a crank-up-the-music-and-invite-your-friends-over-and-stain-with-a-beer-in-your-hand kind of project. So it was fun. And it looks pretty. See below:

Steve in the lift, hanging soffit

 Here is my stacks of stained wood...thank you to Jamie, Brenda, Lori, Judy and Christopher for helping! And to Dave for the dance party after (I'm keeping the video for black mail purposes).

Dave is excited to be putting up soffit!!!

Up in the lift. I was ok at the top of the roof level...

But crapping my pants when we went higher.

Thanks again for all of the help with the roof guys! See how beautiful it turned out???

The view to the south from up in the lift...if you look close, you can see a little strip of Lake Superior!


Thanks for hanging in there with me everyone! The project is a very stressful, but very exciting process. Stay tuned!


  1. My, you definitely have a beautiful house in the making! And the soffit looks gorgeous! Most people opt to have their soffits in white and very neutral, but you made a unique choice by having stained soffit. It fits the design of your sidings creating this sort of wooden cottage effect. Good job!

    Tami Garcia

  2. Wow! Those soffit and fascia look gorgeous. Your roof looks really gorgeous on that photo. I love your choice of colors on that roof. Congratulations! I hope everything's finished now. :)
    Paul Lawson