September 6, 2012

Step #9: Roofing

Ok, now I'm just playing catch-up. I thought that #9 would be wall sheeting, but evidently I didn't get any pictures of that, so we are gonna roll with roofing.

We were super lucky to have friends and family to come and help us do the worst job in the world. My dad, Steve's dad, and Steve's brother Mike deserve a special shout out because they were there the entire weekend plugging away. Thank you thank you thank you to EVERYONE who came out to help. We appreciate it! XO

PS - once again I am posting from my phone, because I haven't had time to post from the computer. I will try to post the next pics from home so that I can include captions and more detail!

1 comment:

  1. Wow, it's really hard to believe that little house is in there somewhere. Looks great! Congrats and hang in there...the process is long but worth it :)