December 5, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree!

Yesterday we went out to Ron and Judy's (Steve's parents) house to find and cut a Christmas tree. It was a beautiful day to be out in the woods (by beautiful, I mean pretty - not warm), but we had a bit of a hard time finding anything more than a Charlie Brown tree (unless it was over 30 feet high)...
Take a look:

His parents have a gorgeous piece of land on the Cloquet river...and I know what you are thinking. "Looks like plenty of nice Christmas trees right there Lindsey!" Well you're wrong. 1. Those trees are on the other side of the river. And I wasn't in the mood for swimming 2. They might look like nice Christmas trees, but I suspect that when you get up close to them, you will find that they are actually 3 - 4 trees growing close together and giving the illusion of being thick and well shaped. This isn't as easy as it looks, people!


Finally! After much walking and several suggestions of going to a tree farm (or Menards for crying out loud), we found a tree that could support all (or most. or some.) of my ornaments! And maybe even a string of lights.


Please note: even though I am holding the axe in this picture, I can't take any credit for chopping the tree down. Or for carrying it out. Judy was very concerned that I would ruin my pretty new jacket, so Steve wouldn't let me do anything but stand there and watch. And try to keep Kempton and Buddy (Ron and Judy's dog) from humping each other or peeing on our new Christmas tree. But back to Steve's mom: I think she should be a little more concerned that I won't be able to FIT into my pretty new jacket, if I keep hanging around her house. Every single time I've been there, she has had a delicious pot of soup on the stove, and copious amount of sugar in the form of cookies, cakes, fudge, etc. You can't resist it. You have to eat it. She is one of my new favorite people. And the reason that some of you will be getting tins full of homemade Christmas cookies this year!

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