December 13, 2009

Better Late Than Never!

Here are the pics from Thanksgiving 2009:

Dad carving the turkey
 Sam coloring a Thanksgiving picture

Kirk stealing Steve for a man-to-man chat downstairs...
Georgia - caught in the act!

Sam thinking about making a break for it! Just kidding - he was writing his name in the frost on the door.

Sam clinging to my leg...I think he misses me. Or he was just being naughty :)
Kirk wishing he would have carved the turkey

Mom making the gravy
Hiding from the paparazzi 
The boys watching football
Sam sporting Kirk's Twin's shirt
And for good measure, here are a couple pics from the shack the day after Thanksgiving:

It was a really nice weekend - good food, family time, nice weather...and we walked off most of the calories up at the shack to top it off!


  1. Lynda said she looks "old and fat" in the picture of her.

  2. Lyndi isn't in any of these pics in this post...she was already in Washington...?